Dynamic Art

What is dynamic art?

Well... We think it is generative art (nicely defined here) which also happen to be dynamic. Dynamic in a sense that the artwork changes when people are interacting with it. We also like to think that dynamic art is better represented by a journey rather than a finished art product. Journey is fluid while "finished art product" sounds like something set in stone, once and forever. Guess which one is more "dynamic".

So this is our journey...

Random Color Pattern

We started with a simple "quilt-like" color pattern generator. It's random, maybe we can't call it "pattern" at all. But it is dynamic - clicking on "New Pattern" button will give you exactly that: a "new pattern".

Color Shades

Let's remove some randomness and see where it brings us.

There are multiple parameters we can tweak. Let's start with "randomness of colors". After tightening it up just a bit we get "color shades" generator. Choose one of the colors at the bottom and enjoy endless variations of this color. It might even be useful when designing color schemes!'


Checkers Board

What is we keep the color random, but set some structure to the pattern? Choosing the simplest possible structure we get (drum roll...) a checkers board!


Adding texture to a checkers board produces a tablecloth. Who would think there things are related?!

Mondrian's composition

Finally, lets fix the colors, but relax the cells structure.

Whoa! We get Mondrian's compositions! Now, how cool is that?'